Intellectual Property

With publication in July 2002 of its Outline of National Intellectual Property Strategy and subsequent legislation such as the Intellectual Property Basic Act, the Japanese government has moved to promote intellectual property as a twenty-first-century national priority. With this new emphasis, Japanese businesses have come to place greater emphasis on IP development and protection than ever before.

Our office offers a wealth of experience in providing the most relevant advice regarding patents, know-how, and copyrights and in drafting and negotiating license and technology transfer and protection agreements tailored to each client’s needs. In addition to extensive experience in representing clients in patent litigation in Japan and the United States, we also provide representation in patent invalidation procedures at the Japanese Patent Office as well as for import restrictions with the Japanese customs service. We provide all of our IP services in affiliation with registered patent attorneys and technical specialists, and with full and complete understanding of the technologies at issue, so that we can provide our clients with services fully responsive to their legal, technical and business needs.